Sunday, 24 August 1997, Grace Bible Church had its inaugural worship service. At first services and Sunday School classes were held in the conference room of the Operation Mobilisation, at Wazir Hasan Road.


A portion of the inaugural gathering.


Dr Cyril Shipstone,the first chairperson of the board of elders, leading Kuru in a litany of dedication.


Various leaders lay hands on Kuru setting him apart as pastor of Grace Bible Church.


March 4, 2001, the services and Sunday School shifted to the home of Manji, Nalin, Bunny and Fizza Phillips. The Phillips family were very gracious and generous. They allowed the invasion of their home on Saturday nights, when three rooms were arranged for church and on Sundays three more rooms were taken over by the Sunday School.

May 18, 2003, seminary grad Paras Tayade was appointed Associate Pastor, even though the church had only 80 members and had no place of its own. The priority was that the church should continue beyond the time of the founding pastor.


Pastor Kuru leads Paras in a litany of dedication


Members of the church join Pastor Kuru in ordaining Paras to the pastoral ministry of Grace Bible Church.


Ashish Khan

June 2004, Ashish Khan became the first person to join seminary in preparation for Christian ministry.February 27, 2005, the church dedicated its first sanctuary, a flat in an apartment building.

GBC-05 019

Children lead members in a procession from the Phillips's home to the new sanctuary next door.

GBC-05 009

Pastor Paras leads in a litany

GBC-05 007

Children's choir sings a special number

GBC-05 015

Brother Sarvanand Lal, Lucknow's  senior-most pastor , was at the inaugural service to pray for God's blessing on Grace Bible Church.

GBC-05 021

There was a fellowship lunch afterwards

GBC-05 025

Instead of a big shot, a little girl named Grace, did the inauguration by cutting the ribbon. The children then invited the adults to enter. "A little child shall lead them... the Kingdom of God belongs to children.





gbc_hp5On April 27, 2014, Pastor Kuru, on reaching 65 retired from being in charge of the pastoral administration of Grace Bible Church. Rev Raja and Raj Upadhyay took over as the pastors of Grace Bible Church, while Kuru became the Emeritus Pastor of the church.